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Good Dads Podcast

Jan 23, 2023

We welcome the Ogunyemi Brothers, Dr Clement Ogunyemi and Major Olaolu Ogunyemi, to share their personal journey with mental health (depression, anxiety, and self esteem). Also they talk about their book "Three Day Mental Health Guide: Major Payne Edition."

Our Guests: Dr. Clement Ogunyemi and Major Olaolu Ogunyemi

Clement has a doctorate in Business Administration and Finance, has published a book on finance, and is a father of two. 

Olaolu is a Major in the US Marine Corps, a children's author, and a father of three. 

Show Notes

  • "We are talking to you today because of a book that was written that tells your stories." (3:15)
  • "I have nothing to be ashamed of, because this is going to help someone down the line who is strugglign with XYZ [mental health struggles]." (8:46)
  • "Olaolu, how did you get invovled in this [the book], what was your reaction when you heard from Clement? Where were you in all of this?" (9:30)
  • "I've shared with, I don't know how many people, my journey and how it's ok to seek help, it's ok to admit 'I am not perfect, I don't desire to be perfect, but what I do desire is to do better every day." (16:50)
  • "What we're trying to draw out, in a funny way, is to show how, as mentors, parents and as fathers, we can help our children by understanding what their needs are. That's why we use the character Major Pain." (20:50) 


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