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Good Dads Podcast

Dec 21, 2023

From the Good Dads archive, we are taking a look back at our discussion with Dr. Matt Turvey, a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, from May of 2023.

Dr. Matt Turvey talks about how curiosity, compassion and an eye for connection can keep an open mind when trying to solve difficult situations in relationships....

Dec 20, 2023

From the Good Dads archive, we are revisiting a podcast originally published in May 2023. 

Dr. Jennifer Baker, president and founder of Good Dads, talks with us about "a man and his relationships." This is an overview of May 2023 and how men can keep the romance alive and maintain healthy relationships.

Dec 13, 2023

From the Good Dads archive: We talk with Lisa Blumenstock about her role as a mediator, how this pertains to divorce, mediation vs litigation, and helping couples with negotiation.

Dec 6, 2023

From the Good Dads Archive: Kirk Cocanougher, from Keller Williams, and Marlon Graves, VP of "A Girl Like Me," share their experiences on how to communicate with their ex-partners and how to be a good dad through difficult situations.

Our Guest: Kirk Cocanougher

Kirck Cocanougher of Keller Williwams is father of three...