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Good Dads Podcast

Dec 21, 2023

From the Good Dads archive, we are taking a look back at our discussion with Dr. Matt Turvey, a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, from May of 2023.

Dr. Matt Turvey talks about how curiosity, compassion and an eye for connection can keep an open mind when trying to solve difficult situations in relationships. Even though it can be challenging at times, being patient, doing the right thing and playing the long game is important for the well-being of a child and family as a whole.

  • "I've learned over the years that if we can respond to our spouse, or our significant other, with curiosity, compassion and with an eye toward connection..." (03:25)
  • "I would encourage, going into conversations, consider if your body language is right, your posture..." (15:56)
  • "How do you encourage someone that may be in a difficult marriage?" (22:58)
  • "Let's say that you are a dad and you think that your wife either has a mental health issue and/or has an addiction problem... What do you do?" (33:15)


Rules of Estrangement by Joshua Coleman (32:48)

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