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Good Dads Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

The start of another school year is the source of many memories for parents and kids.  It also presents challenges to long-distance dads who want to stay connected with their kids.  Dr. Baker and Josh-the-Dad offer specific ways to help dads support and encourage their child’s school success.

Aug 23, 2018

Re-experience this lively episode from last year.

The reality of a new school year & sports’ schedule has established itself.  Listen in as Dr. Baker & Josh-the-Dad discuss important considerations for helping dads keep their families on course.

Aug 16, 2018

Prime Driver Training Instructor George Niehaus connects with his son, Jared, when the two of them make music together in person and via Skype.  Dr. Baker and Josh-the-Dad learn more about this unique way of staying connected while on the road. 

Aug 9, 2018

Moving to a new school can be a terrifying and terrific transition for your child.  Learn some practical ways to support him or her in a new school environment.

Aug 2, 2018

Prime driver and trainer, Danny Gibbons, talks with Josh-the-Dad and Dr. Baker about the ways he has stayed connected with his daughters while driving over the road.