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Good Dads Podcast

May 22, 2023

This week's guest is Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes PsyD, who counsels families and children in West Texas. Dr. Rougeaux-Burnes talks about finding the time in relationships = HEALTHY  RELATIONSHIPS. Respect, self-worth, and power/control are common issues he experiences with couples. He talks about couples that communicate, do...

May 18, 2023

Dr. Matt Turvey, a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, talks about how curiosity, compassion, and an eye for connection can keep an open mind when trying to solve difficult situations in relationships. Even though it can be challenging at times, being patient, doing the right thing, and playing the long game...

May 8, 2023

We sit down with Dr Jennifer Baker and Drew Dilisio, from Good Dads, to talk about how dads can keep the romance alive. From everything to sex, new experiences, and helping each other, Drew cautions dads not to fall into routine or normal patterns.

May 2, 2023

Dr Jennifer Baker, president and founder of Good Dads, talks with us about "a man and his relationships." This is an overview of May 2023 and how men can keep the romance alive and maintain healthy relationships.