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Good Dads Podcast

Oct 24, 2023

This week we bring you an episode from the Good Dads archives. Dr. Baker and Drew Dilisio originally met with Doug, a father and a husband, in February 2022 to discuss his battles with addiction. Doug shares his experience, strength and hope for those who still struggle with addiction.

Show Notes

  • "I am curious when you...

Oct 17, 2023

Kevin Stratton, LPC is a counselor at Victory Mission. He talks about the men he helps with family trauma backgrounds and substance use. Addiction affects the whole family. Kevin also talks about how faith can be helpful on a path to a new life.

Our Guest: Kevin Strattion, LPC

Kevin is a Licensed Professional Counselor...

Oct 10, 2023

Carl Dawson, an expert in the field of addiction, talks about how addiction and substance abuse is a disease and cannot be fought with "will power" alone. Education and knowledge is the first step to figuring out if someone in you family is struggling with addiction... it's a process, not an event.

Oct 3, 2023

Dr. Jennifer Baker, president and founder of Good Dads, talks about addiction and how it can affect the WHOLE family (not just the person struggling with dependency). October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month, and we'll be talking about addiction all this month with different guests.

Show Notes

  • "Today, we are going...