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Good Dads Podcast

Sep 30, 2022

We welcome back Brian Mattson and Drew Dilisio to the studio, who both have two younger children. These dads share their journeys in family dynamics, routines, and encouraging siblings to get along.

These fathers first joined us on the podcast as brand-new dads, and now they're juggling being dads of two: From poor sleepers to personality conflicts, you have to laugh with two children—for otherwise you may cry!


Our Guests: Brian Mattson & Drew Dilisio 

Brian Mattson is an associate pastor at the Downtown Church in Springfield, MO, and a former member of the Good Dads Board of Directors. His background is in journalism and he studied at Mizzou. Brian is father to Jack and Dorothy. 

Drew Dilisio, LPC is a behavioral health therapist and Navy veteran. He was formerly the Director of Counseling at Good Dads, and he earned his master's degree at Evangel University. Drew is father to June and Harper.


Show Notes:

  • (7:17) You can tell, even from pre-walking, personality-wise that we're going in different directions, and just different characteristics that have really shone through early. 

  • (8:32) I think that's a second child thing because Harper will—she's independent! ... June is hyper-focused, and Harper will just be walking around ... Let her do her thing. She doesn't want to sit down and just focus on one thing.

  • (15:42) The toughest part about having two kids is that there's two kids. You don't understand that until you have two kids! ... When you have a second kid, the math doesn't work the same. It's not twice as hard: It's four or five or six times as hard.

  • (18:47) the hardest part is ... dealing with the, "am I doing this right?" ... Kathryne and I will joke to each other: "We wanted them, right?" "Yes, we love them!"



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