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Good Dads Podcast

Sep 5, 2023

Topic of the month: Loneliness and Isolation and why that is a concern for men and mental health

Dr. Jennifer Baker, founder and director at Good Dads, says we need "people" (human interaction) to battle loneliness and isolation. There are three social connections: structure, function, and quality to make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people.

Show Notes

  • "We are covering this from the whole perspective of why a man needs friends and friendship, and why men really struggle in this area." (1:00)
  • "We do know that men suffer from loneliness more so than women." (2:22)
  • "Introverts still need people. They just don't need as many people." (6:50)
  • "You might think about some hobbies you enjoyed [to meet new friends]." (13:18)
  • "The quality is the degree to which relationships and interactions with others are positive, helpful and satisfying, versus negative, unhelpful and unsatisfying." (16:55)
  • "There's no one who doesn't need a connection." (20:50)


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