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Good Dads Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Thomas Miller, a driver for Prime and from a family generation of on the road truckers, talks about work and stress and how to handle not being home. Thomas talks about communication, safety first, and walking as tools to help with being away from his family.

Our Guest: Thomas Miller

Thomas and his wife have two daughters and three grandchildren. Thomas is an over-the-road driver for Prime, Inc.

Show Notes

  • "How did you get interested in being an over-the-road driver?" (1:50)
  • "Can you talk a little bit about how it can be stressful and how you manage that stress?" (5:18)
  • "How do you avoid taking that [stress from a bad day] out on your wife or children?" (13:47)
  • "The best way to be successful driving a truck is putting safety first, always." (16:40)


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