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Good Dads Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

We sit down with Dr Jennifer Baker and Drew Dilisio, from Good Dads, to talk about the different types/kinds of anger. This anger can include fear/threats (physically or emotionally), fight or flight anger, and self anger (that can potentially cause health problems).

Show Notes

  • "I have heard that anger equals fear... is that true?" (0:30)
  • Fight vs Flight: the "Fight" response (5:03)
  • "It's ok to say, 'I'm really angry about that...' But it doesn't mean screaming and yelling." (8:15)
  • "We now know that children who have a lot of adverse or bad childhood experiences, that they carry the markers of that on their health for their entire life. And I think part of that is related to fear and anger." (11:43)
  • Physical signs of anger (15:00)
  • "In trying to understand more about whether or not you are angry, ask people who know you well, who you trust, who love and care about you." (18:41)


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