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Good Dads Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

We talk with Ethan Bryan, an author and baseball fan, about how "play" is helpful for mental health. Playing catch and getting outside can battle loneliness and be good for positive social activities.

Our Guest: Ethan Bryan

Ethan is best known for playing catch 365 days in a row. He is an author and avid baseball fan as well as a father.

Show Notes

  • "Why is mental health related to playing catch?" (3:40)
  • "Playing is an activity that encourages trust." (6:00)
  • "Loneliness. A great epidemic, mostly among men. So I want you to talk about how you found people to play catch with. What was their reaction when you asked them to play catch with you?" (10:01)
  • "Playing catch develops your 'interceptive timing.'" (15:40)


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The Good Dads blog Ethan posts a weekly blog on his website. He is also tackling another 365 days of playing catch in 2024!