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Good Dads Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

We talk with Dr. Ryan Maid, a professional baseball therapist from Kansas City, about creating a positive identity with a group of like-minded men and being a part of a "tribe."

Our Guest: Dr. Ryan Maid

Ryan works in professional baseball in Kansas City. With a background in psychology, Ryan joins the podcast to share insights on how he has been involved in helping men with mental health issues.

Show Notes

  • "When people feel a part of something bigger themselves, some of those barriers and access to care tend to reduce because you can be yourself within your tribe without judgment." (2:40)
  • "For those individuals in general, men, who can't pinpoint that something is going on... what would you say to someone who maybe is a little bit off or what would you tell someone around someone who's suffering from certain mental health issues, especially for men?" (7:45)
  • "I'm wondering how you think, oh let's say with a parenting issue or relationship issue, if things aren't going well... how men may differ from women?" (12:08)
  • "It's finding a way, how a man wants to be listened to... It's through experience, and doing, and activity." (19:35)


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